My name is Allayna, and I am a writer, editor, and poet. My poetry collection It’s not them, it’s me was completed in 2019. You can find it here.

I am based in Philadelphia, and have a varied background in: politics, customer service, ESL teaching and tutoring, buying one-way tickets to South America, and dressing up in costumes for children’s parties. I never forget a face.

Writing is my means of taking essence

of myself, of the world around me, and drawing on that essence to marvel

at both the everything and the nothing.

Find me on Instagram at @anofsaid or on the internet at

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There is much in the world that arrives unexpectedly, and that is the unforeseen, which is sometimes beautiful and soft and welcoming; other times it can be wicked or painstaking or both.

There is no light without dark. This is das licht und die dunkelheit.

The unforsaken is that which we cannot forget. What we cannot let go of. What we wish to grab hold to, but not so tightly.

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Allayna Nofs

Poet, editor, loudmouth